Sardinia - Sposi

Weddings in Italy.....immediately the grand Tuscan villas come to mind, or the many beautiful villas of the Italian Lakes. Last year I visited many of these stunning villas and couldn't help imagining their playing host to fabulous wedding ceremonies and wonderful outdoor wedding receptions. Ornate building with gorgeous gardens, surrounded by spectacular scenery. All topped off with clear sunny skies and hot days leading into warm, balmy nights.

But the wedding venue I had heard so much about that really blew me away wasn't a villa in the North but a hotel in the South. On the Mediterranean coast in Sardinia in fact. Hotel Su Gologone is a place like no other I have visited. An extraordinary immersion into Sardinian history, art and culture. It oozes with colour, character and style. The attention to detail is incredible. Just walking from one part of the hotel to another is an experience in itself. Interesting art works abound, along with antiques, and traditional Sardinian artefacts. Bright hand painted boulders mark your way from one intriguing part of the hotel to another.

There are a series of terraces that would make a perfect setting for a ceremony or for drinks and canapes - each in their own colour and style - all set against the beautiful surrounding mountains. So many gorgeous photo opportunities. But it wasn't just all style and good looks and photo potential. The hotel was originally opened as a traditional restaurant and the local cuisine is wonderful. They roast their meats on display in a colourful area for all to see - even cooking meat is a work of art here. They have another open kitchen where the famous Pane carasau a traditional flatbread from Sardinia is handmade. Exploring the kitchen gardens shows you all the fresh produce grown in the beautiful grounds.

I saw several wedding parties whilst here....and the tell tale signs of rice at the entrance to the main outdoor reception area. What a joy for couples to marry amidst so much beauty and vitality. And I can imagine their guests loving the experience of wandering about the gardens and terraces with a drink in hand taking in the sights, smells and serenity of this special place. Marvelling at the beauty - all the while surrounding the happy couple with their love and best wishes...and secretly thanking them for bringing them to this extraordinary place.